Three from Signum

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Program: #11-44   Air Date: Oct 24, 2011

The Gallicantus Ensemble with music by Robert White and a disc of laments for the death of Prince Henry; and the Tenebrae ensemble with music of Alonso Lobo.

NOTE: All of the recordings on this program come from the Signum label. For more information, you may explore:

I. Hymns, Psalms & Lamentations: Sacred Music by Robert White (Gallicantus/Gabriel Crouch, dir.) Signum CD SIGCD134

  1. Christe qui lux es et dies (I) ("Christ, who art the light and day")
  2. Ad te levavi oculos meos ("I lift up mine eyes")
  3. Exaudiat te, Dominus ("The Lord hear thee in the day of trouble")
  4. Miserere mei, Deus ("Have mercy on me, o God")
  5. Christe qui lux es et dies (IV)
  6. Domine quis habitabit (III) ("Lord, who shall dwell in they tabernacle?"
  7. Manus tuae fecerunt me 8. Lamentations (a6) ("Thy hands have made me and fashioned me")

II. Requiem Mass, 1605--Tomas Luis de Victoria (Tenebrae/Nigel Short, dir.) Signum CD SIGCD248
ALONSO LOBO:  Versa est in luctum

VICTORIA:  Requiem Mass, 1605

ALONSO LOBO: Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae

III. Dialogues of Sorrow: Passions on the Death of Prince Henry (1612) (Gallicantus/Elizabeth Kenny, lute/Gabriel Crouch, dir.) Signum CD SIGCD210

Dialogues of Sorrow

Passions on the Death of Prince Henry (1612)

  1. When David Heard
    Robert Ramsey
  2. What Tears, dear Prince?
    Robert Ramsey
    Passions on the Death of Prince Henry
  3. ‘Tis Now Dead Night
    Thomas Ford
  4. Weep, weep Britons
    William Cranford
  5. No Object Dearer
    John Ward
    From Songs of Mourning
    John Coprario
  6. O Grief (to the most sacred King James)
  7. O Poor distracted World (to the World)
  8. O Jonathan, Woe is me
    Thomas Weelkes
  9. When David Heard
    Thomas Weelkes
  10. And the King was Moved
    Richard Dering
  11. Contristatus est David
    Richard Dering

Composer Info

Robert White, Tomas Luis de Victoria, ALONSO LOBO,

CD Info

Signum CD SIGCD134, Signum CD SIGCD248, Signum CD SIGCD210,