Three from Troba Vox

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Program: #11-47   Air Date: Nov 14, 2011

NOTE: The recordings on this program come from the French label Troba Vox, part of the Bureau Export association. For more information, you may explore: This extraordinary French label was created to spotlight the rich tradition of the troubadours and their time--we sample three of their releases this week.

I. Florilège--Sandra Hurtado-Ròs (Troubadours Art Ensemble/Sandra Hutado-Ròs, s./Gérard Zuchetto, dir.)

  • JAUFRE RUDEL (?1106-after 1147): Lanquan li jorn ("When the days grow long in May")
  • GUIRAUT de BORNELH (c.1138-1215): Reis glorios "Glorious king, true light and brilliance")
  • BEATRIZ, Comtessa de DIA (c.1140-fl.1175): A chantar ("I must sing of that which I do not want")

II. Otra Mar--Sephardic and Troubadour Songs (Troubadours Art Ensemble).

  • (Sephardic): Morena me llaman ("I am called the dark one")
  • (Sephardic): Scalerica de oro (Little ladder of gold")
  • (Sephardic): Ir me quero ("I want to go, o my mother")
  • BEATRIZ, Comtessa de DIA (c.1140-fl.1175): A chantar

III. Alegransa--Chants de troubadours (Isabelle Bonnadier, v./Ensemble Alegransa)

  • PEIRE VIDAL (1175-1205): Ges pel temps fer e brau ("The times are harsh and savage")
  • GAULCEM FAIDIT (c.1170-c.1202): Lo rossinholet ("I can hear the wild nightingale")
  • CLARA d'ANDUZA (1st third 13th cen.):En greu esmay et en greu pessamen ("With great dismay and inquietude")

Composer Info

JAUFRE RUDEL (1106-after 1147), GUIRAUT de BORNELH (c.1138-1215), BEATRIZ, Comtessa de DIA (c.1140-fl.1175), PEIRE VIDAL (1175-1205), GAULCEM FAIDIT (c.1170-c.1202), CLARA d'ANDUZA (1st third 13th cen.)

CD Info

Troba Vox CD TR 007, Troba Vox CD TR020, Troba Vox CD TR021