Three Woman-Based Ensembles

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Program: #11-36   Air Date: Aug 29, 2011

Encantar, Les Witches, and La Donna Musicale take us on a musical journey from the High Renaissance to the Italian Baroque.

I. La déclination de la femme: The Many faces of women around Margaret of Austria (Encantar Ensemble). Phaedra CD 92069. For more information:

  • JOSQUIN des PREZ (?1450-1521): Proch dolor (Lament for the death of Maximilian I).
  • PIERRE de la RUE (c.1460-1518): Tous les regretz  ("Wherever they are in the world, let all sorrows come to me").
  • ALEXANDER AGRICOLA (1446-1506): Ave maris stella ("Hail, Star of the sea").

II. Konge af Danmark--European music at the court of Christian IV (Les Witches). Alpha CD 163. For more information:

  • TOBIAS HUME  (c.1569-1645): The Duke of Holstones Delight
  • SAMUEL SCHEIDT: (1587-1654):  Paduan
  • THOMAS SIMPSON (1582-c.1628): Ricercar (on "Bonny sweet Robin")
  • MOGN PEDERSØN (1580-1628): Fader vor i Himmerig
  • JOHANN VIERDANCK: (c.1605-1646): Canzona

III. ANNA BON--La virtuosa di venezia (Julianne Baird, s./La Donna Musicale/Laury Gutiérrez, dir.). La CD 10104. For more information:

  • ANNA BON (?c.1739-after 1772): Sonata V
  • ANNA BON: Aria Eja in preces (" Quickly to your prayers, and devoutly to hasten")

Composer Info

JOSQUIN des PREZ (1450-1521), PIERRE de la RUE (c.1460-1518), ALEXANDER AGRICOLA (1446-1506), TOBIAS HUME (c.1569-1645), SAMUEL SCHEIDT: (1587-1654), THOMAS SIMPSON (1582-c.1628), MOGN PEDERSØN (1580-1628), JOHANN VIERDANCK: (c.1605-1646), ANNA BON (c.1739-after 1772)

CD Info

Phaedra CD 92069, Alpha CD 163, La CD 10104,