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Program: #00-41, Air Date: 09/01/00

NOTE: All of the music on this program comes from the Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht. For information about music from Festival 2000, travel to Festival 2001, about other musical and cultural events in the Netherlands, or tourism in Holland, you may reach the Netherlands Board of Tourism at: All of the performances on this concert are by the ensemble Chapelle du Roi directed by Alistair Dixon. You may find out more about the life of Charles V at:

 --WILLIAM CORNYSH (?-1523): Ave Maria mater Dei a 4.
                                             : Salve regina a 5.

 --ROLAND de LASSUS (1532-1594): Heroum soboles.

 --CRISTOBAL de MORALES: Missa L'homme arme: Kyrie; Gloria.

 --JOSQUIN DES PREZ (c.1450-1521): Ave Maria, gratia plena Aa 4.

 --MORALES (c.1500-1553): Missa L'homme arme: Sanctus-Benedictus.

 --NICOLAS GOMBERT (c.1495-c.1560): Qui colis Ausonium a 6.

 --MORALES: Missa L'homme arme: Agnus Dei.

 The Chapelle du Roi records on the Signum label, part of the
 Gioia Antiqua consortium.

Composer Info

WILLIAM CORNYSH (?-1523), ROLAND de LASSUS (1532-1594), CRISTOBAL de MORALES (c.1500-1553), JOSQUIN DES PREZ (c.1450-1521), NICOLAS GOMBERT (c.1495-c.1560)