William Byrd, Part 10

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Program: #02-18, Air Date: 05/06/02

We continue the series with The Cardinall's Musick directed  by our guest, Andrew Carwood from  the recording The BYRD Edition 7: Propers for  Lady Mass from Christmas to the Purification.

NOTE: All of the music on this program features The Cardinall's Musick directed by our guest, Andrew Carwood. It is from the recording The BYRD Edition 7: Propers for Lady Mass from Christmas to the Purification on Academy Sound and Vision/ Gaudeamus, CD GAU 224. ASV recordings are distributed by Koch International. You may order it at:  www.kochint.com


 WILLIAM BYRD (1535/40-1623):


  --Defecit in dolore.

  --Domine praestolamur.

  --O Domine adjuva me.

  --Tristitia et anxietas.


  --Propers for Lady Mass from Christmas to the Purification:

          --Introit: Vultum tuum

          --Gradual: Speciosas forma

          --Alleluia: Post partum virgo

          --Tract: Gaude Maria

          --Offertory: Felix namque es

          --Communion: Beata viscera


  --Memento Domine.

  --Vide Domine afflictionem.

  --Deus venerunt gentes.

  --Domine tu juratsi.

Composer Info

WILLIAM BYRD (1535/40-1623).

CD Info

CD GAU 224.