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Jacob Regnart

Program: #22-06, Air Date: 02/07/22

The ensemble Cinquecento was formed with a speciality: composers working in the Hapsburg courts of the sixteenth century. Their latest gives us another of the fine northern French composer who worked in Prague, Vienna, and Innsbruck.

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Poland and Bohemia in the Early 17th Century

Program: #20-47, Air Date: 11/09/20

Czech lute and instrumental music from the Codex Jacobides and Polish works by Mielczewskie, Zielenski, Jarzebski and others.

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Renaissance Rarities

Program: #20-28, Air Date: 06/29/20

A rarely-recorded mass by Josquin, music for St. Catherine from St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge, and the almost unknown work of Johannes de Cleve.

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Amorosi pensieri

Program: #14-29, Air Date: 07/14/14

The latest from Cinquecento looks at songs for the Hapsburg Court, including rarely recorded composers like Jean Guyot and Jacobus Vaet.

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