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Spotlight on the Netherlands–Requiem for . . .Part I

Program: #08-08, Air Date: 02/11/08

The Cappella Amsterdam is back with a vast memorial tribute using the great Requiem of Tomas Luis de Victoria as a framework, with laments from the middles ages interlaced throughout.

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Philippe Rogier: Missa Ego sum qui sum – Music from the Lowlands

Program: #08-45, Air Date: 10/27/08

The rarely-heard works of the later Flemish composer Philippe Rogier (c.1561-1596), stunningly rediscovered by Philip Cave and his ensemble Magnificat.

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Spotlight on the Netherlands–Requiem for . . .Part II

Program: #08-09, Air Date: 02/18/08

In addition to the Victoria Requiem, Eric van Nevel directs the Capella Amsterdam in laments by Peter Abelard, Gombert, and the Fleury Manscript.

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Marian Devotion in 16th Century Spain

Program: #09-04, Air Date: 01/19/09

The superb English ensemble Stile Antico performs music for the Virgin Mary by Franco-Flemish composers who worked for the Spanish court (Gombert, Clemens non Papa) as well as the great Iberian creators like Victoria.

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