Programs tagged with: Philippe de Monte

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🔊 Poetry of Guarini

Program: #03-46, Air Date: 11/17/03

One of the themes from the 2003 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht was the work of Lowlands composer Phillipe de Monte—this concert by the great Concerto Italiano directed by Rinaldo Alessandrini traces the use of Guarini's poetry from de Monte to Monteverdi.

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Il Trionfo di Dori

Program: #15-38, Air Date: 09/14/15

This 1592 Venetian publication gave us 29 madrigals by 29 different composers; it is reconstructed for us by the King’s Singers.

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Poland and Prague

Program: #15-30, Air Date: 07/20/15

Three superb recordings give us music in Prague in the 16th century, and two Polish masters, Nikolaj Gomolka and Grzegorz Gorczycki (with The Sixteen once again!)..

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The Sixteenth Century

Program: #14-42, Air Date: 10/13/14

Three new releases give us different perspectives on late 16th century music: from the motif of the earth trembling, to Freiburg Cathedral in 1594, to the always arresting Don Carlo Gesualdo.

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