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Three from Mignarda

Program: #10-38, Air Date: 09/13/10

We come back to the upstate New York duo with three recent discs: "La Rota Fortuna" (music in honor of Spinacino); "Au pres de Vous" (French 16th century chansons); and "Harmonia Caelestis" (16th c. sacred Spanish repertory).

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Victoria: Lamentations of Jeremiah

Program: #10-23, Air Date: 05/31/10

Our first program with the Tallis Scholars was nearly 30 years ago, when the ensemble was new. This week, we look at their latest project with director Peter Phillips.

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New from Harmonia Mundi II

Program: #09-43, Air Date: 10/19/09

A three-CD set by Jordi Savall featuring music by three great composers of the Spanish Golden Age: Morales, Guerrero, and Victoria.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recording Maestros del Siglio de Oro, a three-CD compilation with Hesperion XX and La Capella Reial de Catalunya directed by Jordi Savall. It is on the Alia Vox label, and is CD #AVSA 9867 A/C.

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