June 2005

#05-27 (06/27/05)

Clemens non Papa–New Research

Musicologist Stephen Rice created the Brabant Ensemble out of Oxford to address the neglected performances of the rich Franco-Flemish repertoire from 1520-1560. This week, more on this composer of the odd name, exquisite music, loose affiliation to Charles V, affiliation with St. Donatian in Bruges, and violent death.

Composer: JACOBUS CLEMENS non PAPA (c.1510--c.1555/6),

CD Info: SIGCD045

#05-26 (06/20/05)

Juan de Anchieta

When we celebrated the life of Charles V, we focused on those composers who he supported with his patronage. But where did he himself learn his love of music? This week, music of the Basque composer (whose mother was great-aunt of Ignatius Loyola) who follows Juana the Mad to Brussels and becomes tutor to the young Charles.

Composer: Juan de Anchieta (1462-1523), FRANCISCO de PENALOSA (1470-1528), JOHANNES URREDA (fl.1451-1482)

CD Info: CD 8.555772

#05-25 (06/13/05)

The First Opera at Utrecht

Our first concert from the 2004 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht features a stunning recreation--the first reconstructable work that had the word "opera" attached to it, Emilio de' Cavalieri's Rappresentatione di Anima e di Corpo, premiered in 1600 .

Composer: Emilio de' Cavalieri (ca. 1550-1602)

CD Info:

#05-24  šŸ”Š (06/07/05)

The Psalms

We return to the Benedictine Abbey of Chevetogne in Belgium with the latest from their stunning body of recordings, as this unique group continues its mission of uniting the ancient division between western & eastern Christianity through musical service.


CD Info: CD 110/503, CD 105/396, CD 105/304

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