February 2016: New Shows Now Available Sooner!

(Don't miss the free program from our archives at the close of this message!)

Dear Friends of Millennium of Music:

Aside from our new features where you can browse our past lists by composer and purchase an album you like directly from Amazon (and benefit the program!), we are making new shows available sooner.

From now on, you can hear new shows as soon as we put them up on the site.

And, so many folks have come to the page to hear our free show or two we post every month that we have another special event this time.

Aside from a wonderful Holy Week show from our past, the amazing ECM label is allowing us to feature the new program featuring three of their recent releases, including the remarkable new album of ancient Armenian sacred music with the Yerevan State Chamber Choir and pianist Tigran Hamasyan.

We always want to remind new listeners that with your support of only $2.99/month, you can access scores more shows, with new shows added regularly. For a few dollars more, you can access hundreds.

Tigran_Hamasyan_Luys_I_Luso Millennium_Music_v3

You can browse the complete list of shows or search past shows by composer and performer. Thanks to the many live concerts we have featured over the years, we have offerings even the best web sources and university libraries do not. Best of all, you can join the ranks of supporters who alone continue to make Millennium of Music possible!

And, our friends at ECM have made 25 copies of this recording available to anyone who joins us anew or upgrades their membership and is inspired to help the program; and, when you hear this recording, I think you will find the word ”inspired” to be most appropriate.

Or, if you prefer, we are most happy to send along our Easter disc as well.

And the other big news, as we improve and deepen our list of programs every month, 2001 is next! We will let you all know the minute those shows go up on the site.

Again, thank you all for the support and kind words. Remember, it is easy to write us at any time with thoughts, questions, or just to share how you feel about the music!


#16-10: 02/29/16 New from ECMRecent releases from this often experimental label give us some contemporary takes on music from the past, including Gesualdo, Machaut, and music from the Armenian tradition.

#09-15: 04/06/09 Sacred Lassus III: Holy Week and the Lamentations of Jeremiah - Lassus made this setting of the Lamentations of the Prophet Jeremiah for the monastery of Benediktbeuren in 1585. In its composition, he adhered to the directive of the Council of Trent that polyphony be simplified so that the meaning of the text would not be lost in a sea of contrapuntal complexity.

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