Dear Friends of Millennium of Music:

We are a little behind in keeping up with the many old friends and new supporters of our program, so a short happy excuse and a very special thank you.

Our web mistress and my daughter Fayre gave birth to a new grand baby in May, so attention was totally absorbed in that happy occasion.

However, the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the wonderful young Stile Antico ensemble has given us a great opportunity: all of you who have subscribed to our streaming service (or plan to in the next weeks!) will receive a free copy of this lovely commemorative recording from our friends at Harmonia Mundi.

Now, those of you who have received recordings from us in the past know the story—it is all laborious hand work with a little note from yours truly—no interns, no volunteers, just the Old Analog Scribe in this digital world; so give us the famous four to six weeks.

As a special treat, we’ll go back to a live performance with Stile Antico from early on in their career (at Utrecht in 2008) for our sample show below [it’s 09-04].

Again, and as always, thank you for your loyal and ongoing support for what we do.


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