November 2015: Special Gift for Gold Members!

(Don't miss the new, free program from our archives at the close of this message!)

Dear Friends of Millennium of Music:

Incredibly, the seasons have turned and the holidays and end of year are upon us. Thank you all once again for supporting the program.

You Gold and Platinum members should have already (or soon will receive!) a special gift; once a quarter or so I will send along a recording that is particularly fine among recent releases as an exclusive benefit for you super supporters who are Gold and above.

Every new member at the Bronze level or higher (and welcome all—more than 35 since our last note) also receives one of our own CDs. If you wish to give a gift of a Millennium membership (a gift that surely keeps on giving!), we are always happy to send along a recording as well.

This includes our Millennium Christmas recording.

And, if you are a Bronze or Silver member and thinking of increasing your support to access more programs, we will send along an extra CD as a special incentive for the season. We already have the archives of shows from 2003 complete, and 2002 will soon be in place.

You can upgrade easily with these special pages:

A word about program access for everyone: even if we work ahead, each new show is made available to our extensive group of stations through the WFMT Fine Arts Radio Network on the Monday of each week. Even if we list a show on our playlists page before its air date, we cannot include the audio of the show for your listening pleasure until it has actually aired.

As always, we have some wonderful Christmas programming this year, and we have worked hard to upgrade your experience as listeners and supporters of what we do.

It was in 2002 that we featured one of the five most popular programs in Millennium’s 36 year history; we present it below so you may hear it once again!


Free Program From Our Archives

#02-46: 11/18/02 Medieval Norwegian FolksongsAfter a too-long absence, we return to the extraordinary work of Anne-Lise Berntsen as she reinterprets the ancient music of her homeland with a modern twist.

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