December 2015: Browse Our Shows by Composer and Performer!

(Don't miss the TWO free programs from our archives at the close of this message!)

Dear Friends of Millennium of Music:

Welcome to the end of Advent, and the true celebration of Christmas (for, as you all so well know, we keep the actual Twelve Days around here).

Thanks to our stellar web master Bill Powell, we have a rather astounding new feature we can announce here at year’s end:

You can now browse our archives by way of the composers and performers featured on our shows! In the right "sidebar" on each page, you can now see a "tag cloud," a long list of composer and performer names that appear in different sizes.

Tag Cloud on Millennium of Music

The names are ordered by first name (currently Antoine Brumel to William Lawes). And the larger the name is, the more shows have been tagged with this name.

Simply click on a name to get a listing of shows that feature this person. If you're logged in as a contributing subscriber, the listing will include a "play icon" ( beside each show that's available at your current subscription level.

We don't yet have all the shows in our archives fully tagged, but we've already got plenty to explore. Just remember, if you don't see your favorite classical artist yet, don't despair. Try the search box in the sidebar, or review the titles on our complete list of programs. We could well have multiple episodes showcasing your favorite.

MoM_Buy_From_Amazon_ExampleWe're also happy to grant a long-time listener request — we're going to start making it very easy for you to purchase the lovely albums you hear on our shows. In our newer playlists, you'll begin to see a "Buy on Amazon" button underneath each album cover. If you click this link, you'll go directly to the album on Amazon.

Your purchase will not only support the artist, but at no additional cost to you, Millennium of Music will also receive a portion from your purchase. It's one more way you can both share your support for us and get beautiful music!

Two last things: for the gift that keeps on giving (truly!), give a gift membership to Millennium! Here’s a link for you, with full instructions: How to Give a Gift Subscription to Millennium of Music.

And when you do, we’ll also send along our Millennium Christmas disc as well as the Suspicious Cheese Lords’ Christmas recording featuring world-premiere recordings of seasonal works by Renaissance Composers:


And finally, just for the season, TWO free shows below that will evoke the times for us all!

The most blessed of Christmases from all of us on Millennium, and thank you all once again for the wonderful support. May your New Year be filled with health, peace, love, and good music!


#03-51: 12/22/03 Millennium of Music Christmas Again, all in sound, almost no words — we hear music for the season newly recorded by Anonymous 4, Lionheart, and the Westminster Cathedral choir.


#06-52: 12/18/06 — A Medieval Christmas We talk with founding member Donald Greig of the Orlando Consort about the evolution of this repertoire from the earliest multi-voice writing, through the medieval carol, and into the great era of Franco-Flemish polyphony.

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