June 2016: Free Music CD Set from Ayreheart as Our Thank You

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Dear Friends of Millennium of Music:

As many of you know, I have worked with the wonderful lute performer Ronn McFarlane for decades, both in his ensemble work with the Baltimore Consort and as a solo artist. Many of you remember (and fondly, I hope) the Blame Not My Lute project from a few years back.

For the past few years, Ronn has put his mastery of the instrument into composing new works, in recordings like his Grammy-nominated Indigo Road, and, with his ensemble Ayreheart, One Morning.

Well, now their latest is out; and it’s wonderful. As you may know, I’ve had the pleasure of writing liner notes for some scores of recordings, including Ronn’s own work.

[Cover: Barley Moon by Ayreheart]

This latest Ayreheart project delves deeply into the reunion of folk and “art” music that somehow artificially divided in the last centuries. My liner notes reflect Ayreheart’s fervent call to reunite the two. You may read the complete essay here.

This two CD set also reflects the new world of enhanced audio: in addition to a regular CD, there is also a Pure Audio Blu-ray disc that gives surround sound (and as far as I can tell, projects holograms of the actual ensemble, who will then vacuum your room and pick up things you left lying around).

In any event, it is a little more expensive (but so worth it to you audiophiles). So, aside from our Platinum members who, as always, will receive a copy for their wonderful support, if you join us as a supporting member at any level, or upgrade your current status (Bronze to Silver, Silver to Gold, etc.), I will send along a copy. You may also choose one of our other efforts as well (including Blame Not My Lute!).

Click here to join or upgrade and receive your free two CD set.

Ronn is my guest highlighting this new release on a program in August. And, for our fabulous supporters, you can both hear the free show below and get a feel for this project.

As always, thank you one and all for helping us keep a program like this alive, and for supporting this thriving arena of musical discovery.


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