Dec 2016: Mater ora filium


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As Advent leads to Christmas and into the Twelve Days, we once again have a special recording for the season. While there is much early music on this latest from Clare College (including Byrd, Palestrina, Lassus, Mouton, and John Sheppard), there are both hymn re-settings by conductor Graham Ross and other 20th (and 21st!) century English pieces.

It makes a great stocking stuffer, and besides being an incentive to join our growing numbers, we are also making it available if you simply desire to make a donation to Millennium.

For $20 (including postage and handling—a bargain!), we can send you this disc, or, if you prefer, our Easter recording, or Blame Not My Lute.

Of course, this goes out automatically to any new members or those longtime loyalist who upgrade their current level.

Around here, we keep the season alive until the Octave of Epiphany, so remember (please)—Christmas is not suddenly over on the 26th of December, but just beginning!

And may the spirit of light and joy be with you and yours both for the holy season and the year ahead.


And now your free sample of our program: #16-52—An English Christmas

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