Sep 2016: Three Decades of Anonymous 4

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Dear Friends of Millennium of Music:

Autumn comes, and we often think on past things. With this special recording, the thirty golden years of Anonymous 4 can bring us joyous memories even with the elegiac sense that they are no more as a group.

Millennium was there with them as they began (we were among the very first radio interviews they ever did), and over the decades we heard each of their recordings on this show. We celebrated these extraordinary ladies many times, including various national radio specials broadcast on PRI, and most particularly we savored their friendship and artistry, which are beyond compare.

This last Anonymous 4 recording features not necessarily their greatest hits, or some sort of anthology of everything.

Three Decades of Anonymous 4

Each one of the ladies chose her own favorite pieces from their many programs that span a repertoire of a thousand years. Some make obvious sense; some are very surprising. Each of us could cull through their body of work and we could each make our own recording of our own Anonymous 4 Favorites. This is theirs.

So, if you join us as a supporting member at any level, or upgrade your current status (Bronze to Silver, Silver to Gold, etc.), I will send along a copy. You may also choose one of our other efforts as well (including Blame Not My Lute or our Easter disc). As always, our Platinum level members will receive a copy automatically.

And if you are new to all this—early music and what it all means—first, welcome. And second, you would do yourself a favor and a service by being guided by these wondrous women who gave us three decades of golden light, embodying the very best that our existence can endow.


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