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Many New Releases

Program: #94-18, Air Date: 05/02/94

New CD Releases of Italian Repertoire

Program: #94-07, Air Date: 02/14/94

Yet Three More from Tactus

Program: #20-05, Air Date: 01/20/20

The History of St. Martin, 1558; Marian music of the early Italian Baroque; and mandolin compositions by Filippo Sauli.

Recent Secular releases

Program: #97-04, Air Date: 01/27/97

Italian Roots of the Baroque, continued

Program: #18-30, Air Date: 07/16/18

The inspiration from the humanistic circle of Galileo’s father (including his brother’s own lute work), and harpsichord composers inspired by the new humanism.

Italian Early Baroque continued

Program: #17-28, Air Date: 07/03/17

The lovely Marian Vespers of Cavalli; an examination of the feminine sacred and divine in the early 17th century; and Frescobaldi on accordion!.

Three from Tactus

Program: #17-06, Air Date: 01/29/17

The Italian label will take us from music used for both sacred and secular pieces (with just a change of text), to the cusp of the Baroque, to a world premier look at an Italian Baroque master.

Ex Libris J.S. Bach

Program: #01-11, Air Date: 03/12/00

Music in the Library: Looking forward to Bach's birthday, a concert from Utrecht by the ensemble La Fenice of music from the master's personal library.

Victoria and Palestrina in Rome

Program: #03-20, Air Date: 05/19/03

Music in Rome at the end of the 16th century performed by the Orchestra of the Renaissance at the 2002 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht.

The Cusp of the Baroque

Program: #15-48, Air Date: 11/23/15

Three recent releases highlight the musical ferment of the first decades of the 1600s: the brothers Praetorius, the roots of opera, and the remarkable Berlin Gamba Book.