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A German Christmas

Program: #17-50, Air Date: 12/04/17

As we bid farewell to the Luther 500th anniversary, music from the German world up to the Baroque era.

Luther & the Reformation—the 500th

Program: #17-43, Air Date: 10/16/17

October 31st makes the actual date of the Reformation, and we conclude our year-long series with recordings that take us from Schutz to Bach.

Luther & the Reformation, continued

Program: #17-40, Air Date: 09/25/17

The musical life of post-Reformation Basel; Tobias Michael; and more from the Vox Luminous boxed set.

Martin Luther and His times, continued

Program: #17-36, Air Date: 08/28/17

The celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Lutheranism continue, including music from his own day, the Praetorius chorales, and a collection of early chorales in a world-premiere performance!

Martin Luther, continued

Program: #17-29, Air Date: 07/10/17

Three new releases: a boxed set of early Lutheran settings set by the liturgical year, an evocation of the crucial year of 1517, and an early Baroque master in Leipzig.

Back to Germany

Program: #16-29, Air Date: 07/11/16

Lute repertoire inspired by Martin Luther; the Dresden Passion; and haunting music of the Thirty Years’ War.

The German Early Baroque

Program: #16-26, Air Date: 06/20/16

New recordings dedicated to Schütz, Rosenmüller, and the Music Cabinet of the Cantor of the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig.

Three from Accent

Program: #16-23, Air Date: 05/30/16

The amazing (and profuse) German label takes us to Italy and the great early Baroque master who brought the Italian style back to Germany.

A Baroque Christmas

Program: #15-50, Air Date: 12/07/15

This week we journey from the recent recording of Schütz’ Christmas Story to an 18th century Christmas in New World Acadia.

Laudate Pueri: A Baroque Christmas

Program: #05-50, Air Date: 12/05/05

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recording Laudate Pueri: A Baroque Christmas featuring the Clemencic Consort directed by Dr. Rene Clemencic.