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Ludwig Daser

Program: #23-35, Air Date: 08/28/23

The seemingly tireless Paul van Nevel with his Huelgas Ensemble has yet another new release: He calls Daser “the most underestimated composer of the German Renaissance."

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En Albion

Program: #23-14, Air Date: 04/03/23

The Huelgas Ensemble recently tackled one of our favorite repertoires: polyphony from 14th century England, with music in manuscripts from Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Worcester, York and London.

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Landscape of the Polyphonists

Program: #23-03, Air Date: 01/16/23

In honor of the 50th anniversary of their founding, the Huelgas Ensemble released a recording of composers familiar like Josquin and Gombert, and rare (Baston, Hasprois, and Celliers de Hesdin!).

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Josquin 500th, Part 3

Program: #22-35, Air Date: 08/29/22

In honor of last year’s festivities for the anniversary of the death of Josquin, Harmonia Mundi released a 3-CD set of some of their finest recordings dedicated to the composer: this week, more sacred settings.

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