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Recent Secular releases

Program: #97-04, Air Date: 01/27/97

Three more from Brilliant Classics

Program: #19-15, Air Date: 04/01/19

The Thysuis lute book, keyboard music from Renaissance Poland, and guitar works of Francesco Corbetta.

Three from Arcana

Program: #18-42, Air Date: 10/09/18

The wonderful label dedicated to rarely-heard music gives us music by Giacomo Gorzanus, passionate works of Luca Marenzio, and early 16th century works for two vihuelas.

Music in Switzerland: Two Humanist Songbooks

Program: #00-37, Air Date: 08/03/00

NOTE: Our series on Switzerland is made possible in part by a grant from PRS--Presence Switzerland; with additional support from Swiss Radio International, Swiitzerland Tourism, and the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, D.C. For information on Swiss culture and tourism, Swiss music festivals, and Swiss events
in you area, you may contact the Embassy's web site at:
The two recordings on this program are part of the Musikszene
Schweiz project, and are not generally available in America.

Ensemble Doulce Memoire

Program: #00-02, Air Date: 01/02/00

NOTE: All of the music on this program is performed by the Ensemble Doulce Memoire directed by our guest, Denis Raisin-Dadre. You may order these or any other music at our dedicated web site: www.radiomusicstore.com; or at our toll-free number: 1-800-409-4193. Purchases made by
these means help to support the broadcast of the program.

O Holy Night

Program: #17-01, Air Date: 12/26/16

St. Nicholas, Christmas music from the last of the Minnesingers, and a beautiful Noel from Renaissance France.

Three from CPO

Program: #16-42, Air Date: 10/10/16

The superb German label gives us music of Erasmus Widmann, and the latest from two great ensembles, Weser-Renaissance and Der Singphoniker.

Swiss Early Music Scene

Program: #01-23, Air Date: 06/04/01

The Renaissance lute in Switzerland.

Concerts from Basel: Continuing our examination of the Swiss early music scene, we turn to music from Basel, the home of the first school exclusively dedicated to the study of early music (and hear concerts dedicated to the first music publisher!).

Christmas Joy

Program: #15-52, Air Date: 12/21/15

The new recording of carols from Queens College, driving the cold winter away with Piffaro, and a sunny Christmas from Baroque Brazil.

The Swiss Lute School: The Humanist Households

Program: #03-45, Air Date: 11/10/03

The Humanist Households and Universities. Without a base of aristocratic patrons, Swiss musicians were especially attracted to the egalitarian nature of the lute. This recent recording centers on the reformist movement around the University of Basle.