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17th Century England

Program: #18-39, Air Date: 09/17/18

Three instrumental releases, including Fretwork’s most recent recording (John Jenkins Consort works continued), late William Byrd keyboard works, and Purcell’s Fantazias.

Bjarte Eike Part 2

Program: #17-38, Air Date: 09/11/17

The October tour with Eike and his Baroque Soloists includes more of his remarkable folk/classical project; this one he calls The Alehouse Sessions. (This show is continued from Part 1.)

Bjarte Eike Part 1

Program: #17-37, Air Date: 09/04/17

Over the years we have followed this Baroque violinist with his work in the Bergen Baroque; he begins an American tour with his latest project on October. (This show continues in Part 2.)

The Secular Elizabethans

Program: #16-17, Air Date: 04/18/16

Dowland, dances, and music in the court of Mary Queen of Scots.

Harry Christophers & The Sixteen

Program: #15-26, Air Date: 06/22/15

This great (and now prolific!) ensemble follows up their recent Monteverdi disc with recordings celebrating the Golden Age of Spain and courtly masques of the Restoration.

St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir

Program: #15-15, Air Date: 04/06/15

In honor of the Choir's multi-city tour in the second half of April 2015, we have a special program looking at past recordings of early music by the ensemble introduced by their music director, Andrew Carwood.

Three from Delphian

Program: #14-19, Air Date: 05/05/14

The excellent Edinburgh-based label features recent recordings ofEnglish music from the late middle ages and Jacobean era, and dances by “Red Rob” Macintosh.

Jordi Savall: Pro Pacem

Program: #14-07, Air Date: 02/10/14

NOTE: All of the music on these three programs came from the boxed set featuring: La Capella Reial de Catalunya and Hespèrion XX directed by Jordi Savall. This recording is on Alia Vox and the U.S. distributor is Harmonia Mundi USA.

English Royal Funeral Music

Program: #13-23, Air Date: 06/03/13

This amazing recording by Vox Luminus (originally destined to be part of a review of new releases) is so extraordinary, it deserves a special showcase.

The King’s Singers: Royal Rhymes and The Lord’s Prayer

Program: #12-48 , Air Date: 11/19/12

Our friends the King's Singers have two recent recordings on two different labels, one of music for the royal English court, the other of settings of the Pater Noster; this week we hear excerpts from both.