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Obrecht: Masses

Program: #19-42, Air Date: 10/07/19

The Ensemble Beauty Farm on the Fra Bernardo label is back with a vast new reinterpretation of Obrecht’s Masses Fortuna desperata and Maria Zart (which weighs in at an astounding 55 minutes!).

Three from the Renaissance

Program: #18-12, Air Date: 03/12/18

From the Brabant Ensemble, sacred music of Obrecht; music of Loyset Compere for the Duke of Milan, and sacred music of Lucrezia Borgia’s daughter, Leonora d’Este.

The Swiss Early Music Scene: Petrucci, Printer of Music II

Program: #01-47, Air Date: 11/19/01

More music celebrating the 500th anniversary of Petrucci's first printed music books.

Bruges 2002, Part 1

Program: #02-09, Air Date: 03/04/02

The cultural capital of Europe moves to Belgium this year and we begin commemorating the occasion this week with a gorgeous CD from the ensemble Capilla Flamenca featuring music of Jacob Obrecht, Pierre de la Rue and Josquin Desprez (from the Alamire Foundation).

I Dodici Giradini

Program: #14-25, Air Date: 06/16/14

A recent recording by the ensemble La Reverdie looks at the songs of St. Catherine of Bologna (1413-1463).

Dulcis Melancholia: A Musical Biography of Margaret of Austria (1480-1530)

Program: #06-45, Air Date: 10/30/06

Born in Brussels, the tragic life of Margaret of Austria was central not only to early 16th century European politics. Her adopted city of Mechlin was surrounded by the greatest composers of the day; on this new disc Dirk Snelling's Capilla Flamenca looks at her circle, including Josquin, Pierre de la Rue, Obrecht, and Agricola.

Jacob Obrecht: The Secular Works

Program: #06-44, Air Date: 10/23/06

While most of the secular works by the great Obrecht are lost or fragmentary, the Camerata Trajectina has put together a massive project to reconstruct these once immensely popular pieces.

Missa L’homme arme–Two Settings

Program: #06-41, Air Date: 10/02/06

Two great Franco-Flemish composers, Dendermonde's Johannes Ockeghem and the influential Jacob Obrecht (born in Bergen op Zoom, and working in the great city of Bruges), are among the 30-odd who set masses on this famous tune--we'll hear an import disc with the Capella Fidicina.

Obrecht’s Missa Fortuna desperata

Program: #06-04, Air Date: 01/16/06

This master of the Lowlands is much-beloved among the Dutch early music fans, and the ensemble Odhecaton gives us this grand mass written on a popular tune of the day.

Flemish Dance and Songbooks — Piffaro

Program: #09-19, Air Date: 05/04/09

The superb American wind ensemble, with their informed performances of this popular repertoire.