January 2016

#16-05 (01/25/16)

Lassus, Continued

We have done more programs on this composer than any other; this week, the amazing Prophesies of the Sibyls, and the latest from the ongoing musical biography from Wallonie.

Composer: Roland de Lassus (c.1531-1594)

CD Info: CD MEW 1579, CD ACC 24307.

#16-04 (01/18/16)

The Crown of Thorns

The latest from the Tallis Scholars takes us back to the early Tudor English master (a composer at the root of the groups founding).

Composer: John Taverner.

CD Info: Gimell CD GIM0046.

#16-03 (01/11/16)

Three 16th Century Recordings

Secular music from the Naxos family of recordings with popular songs of Italy, lute music of Poland, and music for wealthy gentlemen.

Composer: Giorgio MAINERIO (1535-1582), Jacques ARCADELT (1504/05-1568), Marco FACOLI (c1560-1590), Francesco SPINACINO (?-after 1507), Philippe VERDELOT (c1470/80-1522?), Orlandus LASSUS (1532-1594), Vincenzo RUFFO (1510-1587), Francesco ROGNONI Taeggio (?-after 1626), Giovanni Maria DA CREMA (fl early 16th C), Ascanio MAYONE (c1565-1627), Francesco DA MILANO (1497-1543), Diego ORTIZ (1510-1570), Girolamo DALLA CASA (?-1601), Johannes Ambrosius DALZA (fl early 16th C).

CD Info: CD RAM 140-6, Naxos CD 8.573320, Brilliant Classics CD 95090.

#16-02 (01/04/16)

Thomas Tallis Continued

We are joined once again by Andrew Carwood of the Cardinall’s Musick with three more of his recent Tallis discs (including the Gramophone Magazine award winner).

Composer: Thomas Tallis (c1505–1585), William Byrd (1539/40–1623).

CD Info: CD CDA 67548, CD CDA68076, CD CDA 67994.

Please check back for updates; we are in the process of uploading playlists and shows dating back to the 1990s.