June 2017

#17-27 (06/26/17)

The Cardinall’s Musick, William Byrd, and The Music of Rome

Conductor Andrew Carwood guides us through more of his extraordinary Tallis edition.

Composer: Annibale Stabile (c1535–1595), Giovanni Andrea Dragoni (c1540–1598), Ruggiero Giovannelli (c1560–1625), Prospero Santini (fl1591–1614), Curzio Mancini (c1553–after 1611), Felice Anerio (c1560–1614), Gregorio Allegri (1582–1652), Giovanni Palestrina, Thomas Tallis

CD Info: CD CDA 67860, CD CDA 68121, CD CDA 68156

#17-26 (06/19/17)

Music from Peterhouse, Volume 5

We are joined this week by Scott Metcalfe, who with the ensemble Blue Heron has produced now five excellent recordings looking at rare and unknown music from the peterhouse Partbook.

Composer: Hugh Aston, Robert Jones, John Mason, Nicholas Ludford, Richard Pygott, Robert Hunt, Hugh Sturmy,

CD Info:

#17-25 (06/12/17)

The Renaissance

The remarkable Fra Bernardo label gives us Ockeghem masses, a world premier recording of Manchicourt, and the 16th century reinvention of Latin antiquity.

Composer: Johannes Ockeghem (c. 1420 – 1497), PIERRE DE MANCHICOURT (c.1510-1564), Fayrfax,J. Sheppard, Tallis, Taverner, Robert White,

CD Info: Fra Bernardo CD 1701743, CD MS 1632, CDSIGCD474

#17-24 (06/05/17)

Monteverdi and His Circle IV

I Fagiolini (and the English Cornett & Sackbutt Ensemble) mark the ongoing celebrations of the 450th anniversary of the birth of the great Italian with a reconstructed Vespers from the composer’s later years.

Composer: D. Castello, I. Donati, Frescobaldi, G. Gabrieli, Monteverdi, Palestrina, Usper, Viadana

CD Info: 00289 483 1654,

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