August 2015

#15-36 (08/31/15)

Three from Jordi Savall

The prolific Catalan artist this time gives us airs from Marais’ Alcione, part 2 of the Galicia project, and the second collection dedicated to Montserrat Figueras.

Composer: Marin Marais, BARTOMEU CARCERES (ƒl 1546), MAX REGER (1873-1916), FERNANDO SOR (1778-1839), JOSÉ MARIN (1618-1699), CLAUDIO MONTEVERDI, GIULIO CACCINI (1551-1618), G. B. BOVICELLI (1550-1594), GINÉS DE MORATA (ƒl s.16), TARQUINIO MERULA (1595-1665), TERESA DE JÉSUS

CD Info: CD AVSA 9907, CD AVDVD 9904, CD AVSA 9903

#15-35 (08/24/15)

Three More from Accent

This time the excellent Dutch label gives us lute music of Piccinini, Buxtehude cornett sonatas, and coronation music for Charles II.

Composer: Dieterich Buxtehude, Alessandro Piccinini, John Adson (c1587-1640), William Lawes (1602-1645), Augustine Bassano (c1526-1604), Pelham Humfrey (1647-1674), William Byrd (c1543-1623), William Child (1606-1697), Girolamo Fantini (1600-1675), Matthew Locke (1621/22-1677), Marin Mersenne (1588-1648) , Robert Parsons (c1535-1571/72) .

CD Info: CD ACC 24193, CDACC 24300, CD ACC 24291

#15-34 (08/17/15)

Crossing Over

Three discs that cross borders: the new Apollo Fire Appalachia project; the Quadriga Consort with tales of mystery from the British Isles; and Constantinople with the journey of Marco Polo.

Composer: Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738).

CD Info: CD WVF 479092, CD 88875003312, CD AV2329

#15-33 (08/10/15)

I have set my hert so hy

After an extensive hiatus, The Dufay Collective is back with a program of English devotional and love songs of the 15n century.


CD Info: CD AV2286

#15-32 (08/03/15)


The birthplace of St. Benedict had an abbey for centuries until it’s dissolution under Napoleon; it was re-formed only a few years ago with an energetic group of young monks, whose first recording has become a best-seller. This week, we will speak with Father Cassian, the Prior of the Monastery, and hear their remarkable first recording.


CD Info: B0023153-02

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