November 2015

#15-49 (11/30/15)

A Thomas Tallis Christmas

We are joined once again by Andrew Carwood of the Cardinall’s Musick to share some of the intimate and sensitive seasonal music by the English master.

Composer: Andrew Carwood, Thomas Tallis.

CD Info: CDA68026.

#15-48 (11/23/15)

The Cusp of the Baroque

Three recent releases highlight the musical ferment of the first decades of the 1600s: the brothers Praetorius, the roots of opera, and the remarkable Berlin Gamba Book.

Composer: Hieronymous Praetorius (1560 - 1629), Jacob Praetorius (1586 - 1651), Michael Praetorius (1571 - 1621), Juliane Laake.

CD Info: CD MF8021, Archiv CD 479 4522, CD C 5206.

#15-47 (11/16/15)

The Lost Brotherhood

Just after World War 2 an amazing manuscript of plainchant and polyphony from 1450 to 1600 was lost in Tournai Cathedral; it was found in 2006, and we hear it this week.


CD Info: MEW 1576.

#15-46 (11/09/15)

The Cardinall’s Musick Tallis Edition

Our friend Andrew Carwood continues his series with a mix of both Catholic material and Anglican compositions by the English Renaissance master.

Composer: Thomas Tallis.

CD Info: CDA68095, CDS 44101-44112,

#15-45 (11/02/15)

Beyond Compère!

Don Greig of the Orlando Consort guides us through the group’s latest, dedicated to the sadly-neglected contemporary of Josquin, Loyset Compère.

Composer: Loyset COMPÈRE (c.1445–1518)

CD Info: CDA68069, METCD1002, CDH55423, CDGIM047.

Please check back for updates; we are in the process of uploading playlists and shows dating back to the 1990s.