The Lost Brotherhood

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Program: #15-47   Air Date: Nov 16, 2015

Just after World War 2 an amazing manuscript of plainchant and polyphony from 1450 to 1600 was lost in Tournai Cathedral; it was found in 2006, and we hear it this week.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recording Missa Transfigurationis featuring the Opsafllentes ensemble directed by Hendrik Vanden Abeele. It is on the Musique en Wallonie label and isCD # MEW 1576. For more information:

Missa Transfigurationis by Psallentes

Shortly after the second world war, the archivists at the cathedral of Tournai noted with regret the disappearance of a musical manuscript made up of plainchant and polyphony, written between the 15th century and 1602. It unexpectedly resurfaced in November 2006 and was re-entered in the cathedral's archives and library. An inscription on the back flyleaf gives the work the title Libellus confraternitatis Transfigurationis Domini in ecclesia Tornacensi (Little book of the friars of the Brotherhood of the Lord's Transfiguration at the Cathedral of Tournai). Various studies have revealed the exceptional interest of this manuscript in both its historical and musical aspects. The recording by the Ensemble Psallentes, directed by Hendrik Vanden Abeele, enables listeners to discover all the beauties of this jewel.

1. Répons : Sacratissimum salutis
2. Antienne : Visionem et Magnificat primi toni (Antoine de Févin, polyphonie)
3. Antienne : Hodie Dominus
4. Antienne : Hodie ad Patris

5. De Trinitate – Antienne : Te Deum Patrem
6. De Beate Virgine – Antienne : Ave Templum
7. De Sancto Audeberto – Antienne : Sancte Audeberte
8. De Omnibus Sanctis – Antienne : Beati estis

9. Répons : Assumens Ihesus Petrum
10. Introït : In excelso throno
11. Kyrie (anonyme, polyphonie)
12. Gloria (anonyme, polyphonie)
13. Alleluia : Ascendit
14. Séquence : Thabor superficie
15. Credo (anonyme, polyphonie)
16. Offertoire : Deus enim firmavit
17. Offertoire : Deus enim omnium
18. Sanctus (anonyme, polyphonie)
19. Sanctus Vineux : Qui vertice
20. Agnus Dei (anonyme, polyphonie)
21. Communion : Revelabitur

22. Antienne : Benedicta sit
23. Motet : Sancta Trinitas (Antoine de Févin, polyphonie)

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MEW 1576.