February 2017

#17-10 (02/27/17)

Sacred Baroque Italy

New recordings of works by Caldara, Alessandro Scarlatti, and the recently edited work by the monk Sisto Reina.

Composer: Sisto Reina, Alessandro Scarlatti, Antonio Caldara

CD Info: CD TC 621801, CD A398, CD ROP6118

#17-09 (02/20/17)

Alpha White Label

For a while the amazing French label allowed groups to experiment—Sephardic music, Andalusian melodies, and some visionary work by Christina Pluhar.

Composer: Sayed Darwish, Marc Lavry, Athanasius Kircher, Matteo Salvatore, Alfio Antico, Lucilla Galeazzi, Ambrogio Sparagna, Don Francisco Xavier Cid, Giuseppe De Vittorio

CD Info: Alpha CD 512, Alpha CD 511, Alpha CD 503

#17-08 (02/13/17)

Three from Brilliant

A Vespers for St. Barbara, music for organ and percussion, and the first of many new releases for the Monteverdi 450th.

Composer: Amante Franzoni (1575-1630), Giovanni Picchi, Marco Cavazzoni, Gioseffo Guami, Christofano Malvezzi, Giovanni Trabaci, Monteverdi

CD Info: CD 95344, CD 95384, CD 95348

#17-07 (02/06/17)

Italian Madrigals at the Cusp of the Baroque

In time for Valentine’s Day, some madrigals of love from around 1600

Composer: Andrea Gabrieli (1532/33 – 1585), Marco Antonio Mazzone (1556-1626), Giovanni Valentini ( 1582/3- 1649)

CD Info: CD CRC 3471, CD 95416, CD FCR908.

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