April 2015

#15-18 (04/27/15)

Three from German-speaking Lands

An audio journey from Bavaria to the glorious and underrated Johann Hermann Schein to early Baroque Hapsburg composers.

Composer: Orlando di Lasso (1532–1594) , Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750), Heinrich SCHEIDEMANN (1595-1663), Johann SCHELLE (1648-1701), Gottfried REICHE (1667-1734), Heinrich BACH (1615-1692), Johann KRIEGER (1652-1735), Johann Hermann SCHEIN (1586-1630) , F.J. Aumann, R. Weichlein, J.J.Fux, G. Muffat, J.B.Hochreither, H.I.F. Biber,

CD Info: Pan Classics CD PC 10311, Pan Classics CD PC 10323, Ramée CD RAM 1401,

#15-17 (04/20/15)

Shakespeare, Part 2

The latest from the Pomerium ensemble (and a recording paid for by crowd sourcing!) very appropriately gives us Music for the Tudor Queens.

Composer: Tallis, Sheppard, R. White, William Bryd, Purcell

CD Info: CD OHR003

#15-16 (04/13/15)

Shakespeare, Part 1

As we come to the end of the celebrations for the Bard’s 450th year, we hear three releases of consort music from the time.

Composer: Jonathan Woolf 1565-1645, Ross W. Duffin, John Dowland, Captain Tobias Hume, Carl Rütti,

CD Info: Delphian CD DCD34140, Raul Klang CD RK 3404, Civil Classics CDCOV 91415,

#15-15 (04/06/15)

St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir

In honor of the Choir's multi-city tour in the second half of April 2015, we have a special program looking at past recordings of early music by the ensemble introduced by their music director, Andrew Carwood.

Composer: GREGORIO ALLEGRI (1582-1652), Ian Kellam, Sir William Harris, Mark Blatchly, Franz Schubert, Maurice Durufle, Gabriel Faure, Gabriel Faure, Joseph Gelineau, Henry Purcell, Jacob Handl, Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, Sir C Hubert H Parry, John Ireland, Thomas Tallis, Geoffrey Burgon, GUSTAV HOLST, CHRISTOPHER DERNLEY, JOHANNES ECCARD, HERBERT HOWELLS, S.S. WESLEY, FREDERICK GORE OUSELEY, WILLIAM CROTCH, PETER CORNELIUS, JUDITH BINGHAM, LUCA MARENZIO, JACOB HANDL, WILLIAM BYRD, MENDELSSOHN, ALWYN SURLICE, Sir John Tavener, Jonathan Harvey, Brahms.

CD Info: Hyperion CD CDA66439, Hyperion CD CDA67269

Please check back for updates; we are in the process of uploading playlists and shows dating back to the 1990s.