June 2019

#19-27 (06/24/19)

The Marian Consort

We were fortunate to get to speak to Rory McCleery, who founded this fine young ensemble in 2007 (Gramophone Magazine notes their performances “of shimmering intensity”). NOTE: All of the music on this program is features the Marian Consort and our guest Rory McCleery. The recordings are on the Delphian label. For more information: https://www.marianconsort.co.uk/.

Composer: Robert Dow (1553–1588), William Mundy, Nicholas Strogers, Robert Mallory, Nathaniel Giles, Robert White, William Byrd, Christopher Tye, Thomas Tallis , Robert Parsons, Vincenzo Ruffo, Jean Maillard, Philip Van Wilder, Phillippe Verdelot, Gabriel JACKSON (b 1962), Giovanni Pierluigi da PALESTRINA (c 1525-1594), Gregorio ALLEGRI (1582-1652), Sir James MACMILLAN (b 1959), Manuel Cardoso, Duarte Lobo, Estêvão de Brito, Aires Fernandez, Estêvão Lopes Morago, Magalhaes)   

CD Info: DCD34115, DCD34215, DCD34205.

#19-26 (06/17/19)

Stephen Darlington

The longtime director of the Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford choir shares some of his remarkable history with English Choral music from Thomas Ashwell, to John Taverner, to the Eton Choirbook.

Composer: Thomas Ashwell (c.1482 – after 1513) , Hugh Aston (ca. 1485-1558), John Taverner, ,

CD Info: MET CD 0130/31, CD AV2123.

#19-25 (06/10/19)

The Orlando Consort and Dufay

This time founding member Don Greig takes us to the 15th century master and their latest recording.

Composer: Guillaume Dufay,

CD Info: CDA68236.

#19-24 (06/03/19)

The Cardinall’s Musick: Tallis and Parsons

Note: For this month we share interviews from our recent journey to England celebrating some of the great conductors and ensembles. Our friend Andrew Carwood of the Cardinall’s Musick is back with his latest two works: Votive Antiphons of Thomas Tallis, and the composer who is a link to (and possible teacher of) William Byrd, Robert Parsons.

Composer: Robert Parsons (c.1535-1572), Thomas Tallis

CD Info: CD CDA67874, CD CDA68250,

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