Charles V in Italy

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Program: #01-03, Air Date: 01/15/01

Continuing with one of the primary themes from the Utrecht Festival 2000, the Capella Ducale Venetia relates the Flemish-born Emperor to the composers he heard in Italy.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from
the Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht,
recorded in the summer of 2000. For information about
the festival in 2001, travel to the Netherlands, and
Dutch cultural events, you may contact the Netherlands
Board of Tourism at:

Part I: The Battle of Pavia:

ADRIAN WILLAERT: Victor io, salve.
WILLAERT: Inclite Sfortiadum.

Part II: The Siege of Rome:

PHILIPPE VERDELOT: Trist Amarilli mia.
VERDELOT: Italia mia, bench'el parlar'.
VERDELOT: Deus in nomine tuo.
VERDELOT: Congregati sunt.

Part III: The Peace Treaty Between Charles V and France

JEAN LHERITIER: O clemens, o pia.
VERELOT: Sancta Maria, virgo virginum.

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