Coro della Radio Svizzera, Part 4–Banchieri and Steffani

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Program: #07-26   Air Date: Jun 18, 2007

Two more Italian composers, one early and one in the middle of the early evolution of opera.

NOTE: The Coro della Radio Svizzera (the Swiss Radio Choir) comes from Lugano, a city located in the canton of Ticino (in the south of Switzerland). The official language of that canton is Italian (a canton is comparable to a state in the U.S.). Italian is one of the four national languages of Switzerland, along with German, French and Romansh.

The Coro was founded in 1936 by Edwin Lohrer and over the years has won worldwide reputation, particularly through its radio and disc recordings of the Italian repertoire from the 16th through the 18th centuries. The choir appears in formations from madrigal ensembles to over 60 singers from many nations. Diego Fasolis had directed the Coro since 1963. Swiss Radio (particularly Rete Due) is the broadcast home of the ensemble. More information may be found at:

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Steffani (I Barocchisti/Coro della Radio Svizzera/Rene Clemencic). Amadeus CD AM 155-2.

AGOSTINO STEFFANI (1654-1728): Stabat Mater.

STEFFANI: Motetti a 1/3 voci e basso continuo dall raccolta Sacer Janus quadrifons (Monaco, 1685):
Reginam nostram formosissimam.
Eia Omnes, festinemus.
O pulcherrima virginum.
Salve virgo mater.
Fac nos culpas.
O domina mundi.
Tandem adest.
Eia populi laetantes.
Hic est.
O vir sancte.
O beata coelo nate.

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Amadeus CD AM 155-2,

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