Music from Switzerland–Canti Gregoriani

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Program: #08-17   Air Date: Apr 14, 2008

Another in the ongoing attempts to reconstruct the earliest sound of plainchant, using manuscripts from such famous Swiss sources as St. Gall and Einsiedln; the ensemble I Cantori della Turrita (founded in 1972) continues the distinguished history of chant recordings from Switzerland.

NOTE: All of the music on this program comes from the recording Canti Gregoriani featuring the ensemble I Cantori della Turrita directed by Eros Beltraminelli. The ensemble was founded in Bellinzona in 1938 as a boys choir--and girls were added after Eros Beltraminelli took over in 1972.

This recording, on Scena musicale svizzera, is CD # MGB 6127.

Broadcast of this series is made possible in part by a grant from the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, D.C. For more information, you may visit:

Tempus Adventus

--Antiphon: Ad te levavi ("I lift up my soul to you")
--Kyrie X (Alme Pater)
--Graduale: Domine Deus virtutem ("Be lifted up, O Lord")
--Alleluia: Laetatus sum ("Alleluia! I was glad when they said unto me")
--Offertorium: Ave Maria ("Hail Mary, full of grace")
--Sanctus VI
--Pater noster ("Our Father")
--Agnus Dei IV
--Communio: Pusillanimes ("Say: O ye of little faith")

Tempus per annum

--Antiphon: Respice in me ("Turn to me and have mercy")
--Graduale: Jacta cogitatum tuum ("Cast your care upon the Lord")
--Graduale: Domine Dominus noster ("Lord, our Lord")
--Alleluia: Exsultate Deo ("O sing joyfully to our God")
--Offertorium: Intende voci ("Hear the voice of my prayer")
--Communio: Illumina faciem tuam ("Let Your face light up")


--Antiphona ad introitum: Viri Galilaei ("You men of Galilee")
--Antiphon: Salve Regina ("Hail, O Queen, Mother of mercy")

CD Info

CD # MGB 6127

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