Philippe Rogier: Missa Ego sum qui sum

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Program: #10-20   Air Date: May 10, 2010

Happily, this Flemish master who flourished in Spain has been getting the attention he deserves from great ensembles--this new effort is the latest from the choir of King's College Cambridge. Music from the Lowlands

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All of the music on this program is performed by the Choir of King's College, London and the English Cornett & Sackbut Ensemble conducted by David Trendell.

Philippe Rogier (c.1561-1596) was the last of a number of distinguished musicians of Flemish birth (in Arras) who made a career in Spain, becoming director to the Spanish king in 1584, at the age of just 25. A collection of his motets was published in 1595, and one of Masses shortly after his untimely death the following year, but many of his works were lost in the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. Nevertheless, enough of Rogier's music survives to show him to have been an unusually fine composer with an individual voice, whose musical vocabulary combines the extended polyphonic technique of the Flemish school with the emotional intensity of his adopted country, with a glimpse into the following century in its compelling use of sequential patterns.

 Philippe Rogier: Missa Ego sum qui sum. 
--Videntes stellam ("When they saw the star the wise men rejoiced")

--Cantantibus organis ("When organs played the virgin Cecilia sang")

--Missa Ego sum qui sum: Kyrie 

--Missa Ego sum qui sum: Gloria 

--Caligaverunt oculi mei ("My eyes are blinded by my tears")

--Missa Ego sum qui sum: Credo 

--Locutus sum in lingua mea ("I spoke with my tongue")

--Missa Ego sum qui sum: Sanctus 

--Missa Ego sum qui sum: Benedictus 

--Laboravi in gemitu meo ("I have labored with my groaning")

--Missa Ego sum qui sum: Agnus Dei 

--Verbum caro ("The word became flesh")
7.  Te Deum, laudamus ("We praise Thee, o god")

Composer Info

Philippe Rogier (c.1561-1596)

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Hyperion CD # CDA67807

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