Scotland Forever

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Program: #08-41   Air Date: Sep 29, 2008

Two recent releases from long-time program regulars: John Potter & Red Byrd with "A Scottish Lady Mass: Sacred Music from Medieval St. Andrews"; and Sylvain Bergeron and La Nef with "The Battle of Killicrankie--Love & War Songs from Scotland."

NOTE: All of the music on this programs comes from two discs of music from Scotland. The first looks at the liturgy of the Lady Mass around the liturgical center of St. Andrews around 1230. The second is music from the time of the return of the Jacobites to the Scottish Highlands in 1689, the victory at Killiecrankie, and the subsequent crushing of the attempted revolt.

Parts 1 & 3. A Scottish Lady Mass (Hyperion CD CDA 67299)
(Red Byrd Ensemble/Yorvox/John Potter & Richard Weistrich, directors)

--Introit: Gaudeamus omnes ("Let all rejoice in the Lord").
--Kyrie: Rex, virginum amator ("King, lover of virgins, God, glory of Mary")
--Gloria: Per precem (Gloria/"By the most piteous prayer of the Mother")
--Gradual: Propter veritatem ("Because of truth")
--Alleluia: Ave Maria
--Alleluia: Virga florem germinavit ("The rod hath put forth a flower")
--Sequence: Missus Gabriel de celis ("Gabriel, sent forth from heaven")
--Sequence: Hodierne lux diei ("The light of today is celebrated in memory of the Mother of God")
--Offertory: O vere beata sublimis ("O truly blessed, exalted bride")
--Sanctus: Mater mitis (Sanctus/"Gentle mother of the true vine")
--Sanctus: Christe ierarchia (Sanctus/"O Christ, hierarchy,God of Hosts")
--Sanctus: Voce vita sit unita (Sanctus/Let our life be united with our voices")
--Agnus Dei: Archetipi mundi ("The image of the archetype of the world")
--Agnus Dei: Factus homo ("Made man of the Virgin Mother Mary")
--Communion: Principes persecuti sunt ("Princes have persecuted me without cause").

Part 2. The Battle of Killiecrankie (Atma CD ACD2 2510)
(Meredith Hall, sop./Matthew White, countertenor/La Nef Ensemble/Sylvain Bergeron, dir.)

--Anon.: Scots wha hae w'Wallace bled
--Anon.: Bonny Barbry O
--Anon.: Leezie Lindsay
--Sir WALTER SCOTT: The Massacre of Glencoe
--ROBERT BURNS: The Chevalier's Lament
--ROBERT BURNS: The Braes of Killiecrankie

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Hyperion CD CDA 67299, Atma CD ACD2 2510

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