The High Road to Kilkenny

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Program: #16-34   Air Date: Aug 15, 2016

The French Ensemble Les Musicians de Saint-Julien gives us a new and wonderful program of Gaelic songs and dances of the 17th and 18th centuries.

NOTE: All of the music on this program came from the recording The High Road to Kilkenny featuring Les Musicians de Saint-Julien directed by François Lazarevich. It is on the Alpha label and is CD No. 234.

After the success of For ever Fortune, early music from Scotland, François Lazarevitch continues his exploration of the Celtic repertories with a new programme devoted to early Irish music. This repertory of old airs from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries consists of dances, songs in Gaelic and varied instrumental pieces: they tell tales of wars, of love, of strong drink and tobacco, of children and bards. A leading specialist in the flute and bagpipe families, François Lazarevitch opens out new horizons of colours and sounds. He has gathered around him here a number of distinguished performers of early music (including the fabulous Baroque violinist and fiddler David Greenberg) and invited the American tenor Robert Getchell, who cuts a very credible figure as a singer going back to his roots.

The excellent notes by John Purser begin:

Without patronage, musicians face an uphill struggle to survive. With The Flight of the Earls in 1607, this was especially true in Ireland. Many leading aristocrats fled Ulster for Spain and never returned. They left their lands open to occupation from Scotland and England and created a vacuum in artistic patronage which pertains to this day, as do the religious and political consequences of plantation, made worse by the disastrous Cromwellian Act for the Settlement of Ireland in 1682. Much of the music on this CD bears witness to that situation...

François Lazarevitch : direction, transverse flute, tin whistle, smallpipes
Robert Getchell : tenor
David Greenberg : violin
Bill Taylor : clàrsach (harpe irlandaise)
Marie Bournisien : Baroque harp
Lucile Boulanger : viola da gamba
Bruno Helstroffer : theorbo, cittern

01. Oro Mhor a Mhoirin - The Gorum 4:48
02. Sir Ulik Burke 4:43
03. The Drummer 2:39
04. Cuckold come out the Amery 4:14
05. Edward Corcoran 2.36
06. Celia Connallon 3:08
07. Sir Arthur Shæn - Colonel Irwin - Clonmell Lassies - The Scolding Wife 5:12
08. Lord Mayo 6:09
09. Soggarth Shamus O'Finn 3:29
10. When She Cam ben, She Bobbit - Kitty's Wishes 5:09
11. Do Chuirfinnse Felin Mo Leanbh a Chodladh 3:41
12. The Banks of Barrow 3:41
13. James Bretagh - Lady Wrixon 4:03
14. 0'Neill's Riding - Barrack Hill - Petrie n° 94 - Irish Air 4:12
15. King of the Blind 3:18
16. Molly Mac Alpin 3:24
17. The Cunning Young Man 1:32
18. The High Road to Kilkenny - Toss the Father - The Mill Stream - Money Musk 3:19

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CD No. 234