THOMAS PACKE (FL. 1487-1499): An English Lady Mass

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Program: #08-49   Air Date: Nov 24, 2008

An English Lady Mass: This unique work by Packe, the organist of Exeter Cathedral, is preserved in the Ritson Manuscript--the all-woman Swedish vocal ensemble Schola Gothia intersperses chant and this early English polyphonic mass.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from a recording by the Swedish all-female ensemble Schola Gothica directed by Ulrike Heider. The recording was made on the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin at Varnhem Abbey in Sweden.

The recording on Gothic is CD number G-49259.

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Thomas Packe (fl. 1487-1499): Missa Gaudete in Domino

1 Introitus: Salve sancta parens (chant-"Hail Holy Mother, thou who didst bring forth the King")

2 Kyrie (Packe)

3 Gloria (Packe)

4 Graduate: Benedicta et venerabilis (chant--"Thou art blessed and venerable, O Virgin Mary")

5 Alleluia: Ave Maria, gratia plena (chant--Hail Mary, full of grace")

6 Alleluia: Specie tua (chant--"With your splendor and your excellence")

7 Sequens: Nativitas Marie virgins (chant--The Virgin Mary's birth, which washes away the stain of sin").

8 Credo (Packe)

9 Offertorium: Diffusa est (chant--"Grace is poured upon your lips")

10 Sanctus/Benedictus (Packe)

11 Agnus Dei (Packe)

12 Communio: Beata viscera\ Magnificat (chant--"Blessed be the Virgin Mary's Womb"/"My soul doth magnify the lord")

13 John Dunstable {c. 1395-1453}or Leonel Power {d. 1445}: Salve Regina ("Hail, O Queen of compassion")

Composer Info

Thomas Packe (fl. 1487-1499), John Dunstable {c. 1395-1453}, Leonel Power {d. 1445}

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