Three New Discs from ECM

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Program: #08-39   Air Date: Sep 15, 2008

New releases include the great Hilliard Ensemble returning to their core repertoire of early English vocal music; and former Hilliard member John Potter is back with his latest in the Dowland project series, an unusual compilation entitled Romaria.

NOTE: All three of the recordings on this program are from the ECM label.

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I. The Dowland Project: Romaria. (ECM New Series 1970).

With a revised line-up, John Potter’s Dowland Project expands its repertoire on its third album, freely exploring love songs, chants and motets from the 12th century to the present by Oswald von Wolkenstein, Orlando di Lasso, Josquin Desprez and others including the anonymous composers of the Carmina Burana manuscript. New to the Project is Milo‰ Valent, the vibrant violinist and violist from Slovakia who is equally at home in early music and in the gypsy and folk musics of eastern Europe. Like English reedman John Surman and American lutenist Stephen Stubbs he is also able to improvise beyond the traditions: these richly atmospheric pieces are reborn in the interaction of the players.

--Anon.: O Rosa (traditional, Iberian peninsula).
--FIRMINUS CARON (fl.c. 1460-1475): Kyrie Jesus autem transiens
--ORLANDUS LASSUS (Orlando di Lasso--1532-1594): Credo Laudate dominum
--JOSQUIN DESPREZ (c.1450/55-1521): Sanctus Tu solus qui facis

II. Monika Mausch & Nigel North: Musical Banquet (ECM New Series 1938).

Music for voice and lute, from the songbook compiled by Robert Dowland (1591-1641), son of the great English lutenist-composer. Selections include music by John Dowland, Guillaume Tessier, Daniel Batchelar, Giulio Caccini, Pierre Guédron and more. Crystal clear delivery of the songs by Monika Mauch, last heard on ECM with the Hilliard Ensemble on “Morimur” and peerless lute-playing from early music expert Nigel North who makes his ECM debut here, and also contributes liner notes.

--JOHN DOWLAND: Lady if you so spite me
--GIULIO CACCINI: Dovro dunque morire? ("Must I then die?")
--CACCINI: Amarilli mia bella ("My fair Amaryllis")
--PIERRE GUEDRON: Si le parler et le silence ("If words and silence")


III. The Hilliard Ensemble: Audivi Vocem (ECM New Series 1936)

After the enormous success of their recordings of the Bach Motets the Hilliard Ensemble turn their attention to English renaissance music and specifically works of three 16th century composers Thomas Tallis, Christopher Tye and John Sheppard. All three were masters of polyphony, associated with the Chapel Royal. Their works are alternated and contrasted throughout this composed recital. Tallis has long been an inspirational reference for the Hilliards, who recorded his “Lamentations of Jeremiah” for the New Series already in 1986, and brought his music into their collaboration with Jan Garbarek on “Mnemosyne”.

--THOMAS TALLIS (c.1505-1585): Audivi vocem
--CHRISTOPHER TYE (c.1505-1572): Missa Sine Nomine: Gloria
--JOHN SHEPPARD (c.1515-1558): Beati omnes

Composer Info

FIRMINUS CARON (fl.c. 1460-1475), ORLANDUS LASSUS (1532-1594), JOSQUIN DESPREZ (c.1450/55-1521), Robert Dowland (1591-1641), JOHN DOWLAND, GIULIO CACCINI, PIERRE GUEDRON, THOMAS TALLIS (c.1505-1585), CHRISTOPHER TYE (c.1505-1572), JOHN SHEPPARD (c.1515-1558)

CD Info

ECM New Series 1970, ECM New Series 1938,

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