Trio Mediaeval: A Worcester Ladymass

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Program: #11-14   Air Date: Mar 28, 2011

A votive mass to the Virgin Mary survived from the 13th century in a Benedictine Abbey in the English Midlands: this week, the premier of the extraordinary new project by the ladies of the Trio Medieval.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the new recording by the Trio Mediaeval. The recording is ECM new series 2166. For more information, you may visit the ECM web site:

and for more on the ensemble:

Oslo’s Trio Mediaeval presents a reconstruction of a 13th century votive Mass to the Virgin Mary, based on surviving manuscripts from a Benedectine Abbey in the English Midlands. Inserted amid the medieval music are a Credo and Benedicamus Domino specially composed for this programme by Gavin Bryars: the old and the new intermingle in the work of this vocal ensemble. Anna Maria Friman: “The members of Trio Mediaeval feel that performing mediaeval music today gives us the freedom to let our imagination and ideas flow, as though we are creating contemporary music.”

Trio Mediaeval
A Worcester Ladymass

Anna Maria Friman voice
Linn Andrea Fuglseth voice
Torunn Østrem Ossum voice

Salve sancta parens ("Hail, Holy Mother")
Munda Maria
Sponsa rectoris omnium ("Bride who teaches us all")
O sponsa Dei electa ("O Bride chosen by God")
O Maria virgo pia (O Mary, Virgin filled with love and grace")
Benedicta / Virgo Dei genitrix ("Virgin Mother of God")
Credo (Gavin Bryars/2008)
Felix namque ("Blessed are you, O Holy Virgin Mary")
Salve rosa florum (Hail, rose among the flowers")
Grata iuvencula ("With gratitude the women gather")
Inviolata integra mater ("Inviolate spotless Mother")
De supernis sedibus ("From the halls of heaven")
Dulciflua tua memoria ("Your memory is dearest to us")
Agnus Dei
Beata viscera ("Blessed is the womb")
Alma Dei genitrix ("Dear Mother of God")
Benedicamus Domino (Gavin Bryars/2008--"Let us bless the Lord")

Composer Info

Gavin Bryars

CD Info

ECM 2166