Vivat rex! Sacred Choral Music of Jean Mouton

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Program: #08-25   Air Date: Jun 09, 2008

NOTE: Our friends the Suspicious Cheese Lords bring us the third album of previously-unrecorded material from the High Renaissance (following their work with Carpentras and Ludwig Senfl), celebrating the French master Jean Mouton (before 1459-1522) who served the court during the eventful first 20 years of the 16th century.

For more information about the ensemble, you may check:

For information on their Senfl disc, the play list is No. 05-05 and for Carpentras it is 03-17.

Vivat rex! (Cheese Lords CD SCL-503)

Anon.: Alma Redemptoris mater ("Nurturing mother of the Redeemer").

MOUTON: Missa "Alma Redemptoris mater"

MOUTON: Gloriosa virgo Margareta ("Glorious virgin Margaret")
O Domine Jesu Christe ("O Lord Jesus Christ, Good Shepherd")
Corde et animo Christo canamus ("With heart and sould let us sing praises unto Christ")
Quam pulchra es ("How beautiful you are, my beloved")
Alleluia, noli flere, Maria ("Alleluia, weep not, Mary")
Puer natus est nobis ("A child is born to us")
Antequam comedam suspiro ("Sighing comes to me more readily than food")
Domine, Dominus noster ("O Lord, our Lord, How awesome is your name through all the earth")

Composer Info

Jean Mouton (before 1459-1522)

CD Info

CD SCL-503

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