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More from the Big Box, Volume II

Program: #21-44, Air Date: 10/25/21

We return to the Josquin & the Franco-Flemish School set with more previously-unreleased CD material, including the Capella Antiqua of Munich, the Vienna Recorder Ensemble, and more from David Munrow.

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More from the Big Box, Volume I

Program: #21-41, Air Date: 10/04/21

The 34-CD box from Warner Classics called Josquin & the Franco-Flemish School gave us many recordings released on CD for the first time; this week, Willaert and Crequillion.

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A Suzi Digby Valentine’s Day Special

Program: #21-07, Air Date: 02/08/21

The director of the Ora Singers returns to share music of love, sacred and profane.

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 The King’s Singers: Renaissance—The Music of Josquin Desprez

Program: #94-21, Air Date: 05/23/94

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recording Renaissance: Josquin Desprez, featuring The King’s Singers. Two of the Singers, Bob Chilcott and Bruce Russell, were our guests for this program. RCA Victor Red Seal CD 09026-61814-2.

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