A Cecilia Bartoli Special

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Program: #04-01   Air Date: Dec 29, 2003

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recording If You Love Me: Se tu m'ami with our guest, Cecilia Bartoli and pianist Gyorgy Fischer. It is on London Decca and is CD 436.267. We reflect on Ms. Bartoli's appearance at the 2003 Istanbul International Music Festival.


This program is made possible in part by a grant from the American-Turkish Council, the American Friends of Turkey, Raymond James International Holding (independent investment and financial planning advice and investment banking services in the United States and Turkey since 1962), and the Turkish Cultural Foundation, dedicated to promoting Turkish culture and heritage.

ALESSANDRO SCARLATTI (1660-1725): Gia il sole dal Gange; on tutta duolo; Se Florindo e fedele; O cessate di piagarmi; Spesso vibra per suo gioco.
GIUSEPPE GIORDANI (?1743-1798): Caro mio ben.
ANTONIO LOTTI (c.1667-1740): Pur dicesti, o bocca bella.
ANTONIO CESTI (1623-1669): Intorno all'idol mia.
GIOVANNI PAISIELLO (1741-1816): Nel cor piu non mi sento; Il mio ben quando verra.
Anon.: O leggiadri occhi bella
BENEDETTO MARCELLO (1686-1739): Quella fiamma che m'accende.
ANTONIO CALDARA (c.1670-1736): Selve amiche; Sebben, crudele.
GIULIO CACCINI (1551-1618): Tu ch'hai le penne, amore.
ALESSANDO PARISOTTI (1852-1913) (attrib. to Pergolesi): Se tu m'ami.
PAISIELLO: Chi vuol la zingarella.
CACCINI: Amarilli, mia bella.
FRANCESCO CAVALLI (1602-1676): Delizie contente.
ANTONIO VIVALDI (1678-1741): Sposa son disprezzate.
GIACOMO CARISSIMI (1605-1674)ANTONIO VIVALDI (1678-1741): Vittoria, vittoria!


Composer Info

ALESSANDRO SCARLATTI (1660-1725), GIACOMO CARISSIMI (1605-1674), ANTONIO VIVALDI (1678-1741), FRANCESCO CAVALLI (1602-1676), ALESSANDO PARISOTTI (1852-1913), GIULIO CACCINI (1551-1618), ANTONIO CALDARA (c.1670-1736), BENEDETTO MARCELLO (1686-1739), GIOVANNI PAISIELLO (1741-1816), ANTONIO CESTI (1623-1669), ANTONIO LOTTI (c.1667-1740), GIUSEPPE GIORDANI (?1743-1798),

CD Info

CD 436.267

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