Top 10 Early Music Recording of 2001, Part 1

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Program: #02-02   Air Date: Jan 14, 2002

For the 16th year, Fr. Jerome Weber (early music critic for Fanfare magazine) chooses the top releases in the field.

Holy Lady of Chartres, Hungaroton 31922
Josquin Missa Fortuna, ASV GAU 220
Morales Missa Si bona, Gimell 033
Sheppard Missa Cantate, Archiv 457658
Victoria Missa Ave Rgina, Dynamic 261

Composer Info

Josquin, Morales, Sheppard, Victoria

CD Info

Hungaroton 31922, ASV GAU 220, Gimell 033, Archiv 457658, Dynamic 261.

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