A Half-Millennium of Swiss Christmas

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Program: #03-49   Air Date: Dec 08, 2003


From the early Medieval city of Sion, chant for the season; and from the high Renaissance, a performance by the Ensemble Lucidarium of popular devotions of the Reformation, when pop songs of the day were given sacred texts.

Note: All of the music on this program is from the recording Le droict chemin: Popular Devotion at the time of the Reformation with the ensemble Lucidarium directed by Avery Gosfield and Francis Biggi; and Solitudo: Gregorgian Chant from the Chartreux Tradition with the Novantiqua Choir of Sion conducted by Bernard Heretier.

Support for these programs comes in part from PRS, Presence Switzerland; with additional support from Swiss Radio, Pro Helvetia, and the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, D.C.

From Le droict chemin (l'empreinte digitale CD ED 13126):

  • THOINOT ARBEAU: Basse danse Jouyssance vous donneray.
  • Anon.: Gentil Pastoureau (from Les grans noelz nouveaulx, late 15th c.).
  • Anon./BARTHELEMY ANEAU: Dieu te gard, bergiere.
  • Anon.: Que ferons nous, humains gen d'armes (from Les grans noelz nouveaulx, late 15th c.).
  • Anon.: Naulet pour la pucelette (from La Fleur des noelz nouvellement notes, published by Jacques Moderne in Lyons, 1535).
  • Anon.: "Noel" chanton benignement (from Les grans noelz nouveaulx, late 15th c.).
  • Anon.: Marie en Bethleem s'en va (from Les grans noelz nouveaulx, late 15th c.).
  • Anon./ MATHIEU MALINGRE: A la venue de Noel.
  • Anon.: A la venue de Noel (from La Fleur des noelz nouvellement notes).

From Solitudo (Cascavelle CD VEL 3019):

  • Vesper Hymn for Advent Sunday: Conditor alme siderum.
  • Alleluia for Christmas Vigil: Alleluia Dominus.
  • Vesper Hymn for Christmas Mass: Venit redemptor.
  • Responsory for Advent Sundays: Aspiciebam.
  • Carthusian Introit for Christmas Matins: Christus natus est nobis.
  • Antiphon for Christmas lauds: Natus est vobis hodie.
  • Responsory Christmas Matins: Gloria in altissimus.

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CD ED 13126, CD VEL 3019.

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