A Mediterranean Christmas

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Program: #05-51   Air Date: Dec 12, 2005

NOTE: Joel Cohen and his Boston Camerata are back (assisted by the Shariq Arabic Music Ensemble), this time with another examination of the fabulous cross-pollination between the fertile Occitan lands and the Islamic world, as all unite to make "the Christmas message of peace and reconciliation strong in our hearts."

The recording is on Warner Classics and is CD 2564 62560-2.

I. The Sign of Judgment
--Anon.: Taksim Farahfaza--Respondemos (Judeo-Spanish text): "Answer us O God of Abraham."
--ALFONSO el Sabio (1221-1284): Madre de Deus (Prophecy of the Sibyl): "Mother of God, pray for us in that hour (of Judgment)."

II. The Dawn Approaching
--Anon. (Southern France, 12th cen.): Gregis pastor: "Tityrus, pastor of the flock."
--Anon. (Tuscany, 13th cen.): Gloria 'n' cielo: "Glory to God on high."
--FOLQUET de Marseille (1150-1231)/Anon. (Limoges, 12th cen.): Senher Dieus/Lux refulget: "Lord God, born of the Virgin Mary"/"The light shines forth from above."

III. Star of the Day
--ALFONSO el Sabio: Santa Maria, strelo do dia: "Holy Mary, star of the day."
--Anon. (Montserrat, 14th cen.): Polorum regina: "Queen of all, morning star, take away our sins."
--ALFONSO el Sabio: Como somos per conssello: "How Holy Mary saved a judge from the devils."

IV. The Birth of Jesus
--Anon. (Gregorian): Ave maris stella/Anon.(Occitan, 12th cen.): O Maria Deu maire: "Hail, star of the sea, God's cherishing mother."
--Anon.(Occitan, 12th cen.): Mei amic e mei fiel: "My friends and companions/ leave off chattering/ I will teach you a new song/ of the Virgin Mary."
--ALFONSO el Sabio: Todo logar mui ben/Anon. (Arabo-Andalusian Morocco): Taouchia: "And so it was that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered."
--Anon. (Istria, 19th cen.): Noi siamo i magi :"We the kings of orient are."
--Anon. (Sephardic, Balkans): Quando el rey Nimrod: "And he sent them to Bethlehem."
--Anon. (France, 13th cen.): The Play of Herod: Heu! Heu! : "Then Herod...was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem."
--Anon. (Avignon, 17th cven.): Pastres, placatz vostre troupeu: "Shepherds, leave your flocks."
--Anon. (Andalusia): En Belen tocan a fuego: "In Bethlehem a fire begins."

V. Mother and Child
--Anon. (Andalusia): Duermete, nino, duerme: "Sleep child, sleep."
--Anon. (Egypt): Nani na ya srira: "Sleep, sleep little one."
--Anon. (Arabo-Andalusian Morocco): Borea (prelude from Nouba Ram al Maya).
ALFONSO el Sabio: Tant 'aos peccadores.: This is how Holy Mary...cured a child."

Composer Info

ALFONSO el Sabio (1221-1284), FOLQUET de Marseille (1150-1231)

CD Info

CD 2564 62560-2

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