A Meeting in the Lowlands

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Program: #03-40   Air Date: Oct 06, 2003


The latest recording by the Binchois Consort takes us to a time when the great Duchy of Burgundy met the Royal French Court at Dufay's home cathedral at Cambrai, as Henry Tudor was preparing to cross the Channel to retake England from Richard III.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant in honor of Karyn Sessions.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recording Dufay: Missa Puisque je vis with the Binchois Consort directed by Andrew Kirkman on the Hyperion label (number CDA 67368).

Andrew Kirkman suggests these pieces were perhaps composed for the musical confraternity at the Cathedral of Cambrai at a formal meeting between the Burgundian and Royal French courts in 1468, with the Compere work reflecting Henry Tudor's preparations to invade England to retake the nation from Richard III in 1485.

The program is sponsored in part by the Belgian Tourist Office and the Embassy of Belgium in Washington, D.C. For  more information on visiting Belgium, you may contact the Belgian Tourist Office at:


GUILLAUME DUFAY (1397-1474) (attributed): Missa Puisque je vis.

LOYSET COMPERE (c.1445--1518): Omnium bonorum plena.

Anon. (c. 1475-1485): Concede nobis domine; Salve maris stella (world premier performances).

DUFAY: Ave regina celorum. 

Composer Info

GUILLAUME DUFAY (1397-1474), LOYSET COMPERE (c.1445--1518),

CD Info

CDA 67368.

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