A Millennium Easter

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Program: #03-15   Air Date: Apr 14, 2003


The first Millennium of Music program was Easter 1979, and the program began regular broadcasts Easter 1980 (its ancestor, Musica Antiqua, began in 1975). We celebrate our birthday quietly, as always, and in the Middle Ages, with groups close to our heart: Schola Hungarica, Anonymous 4, and (of recent fame for the Croatian music), Dialogos.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant in honor of Ida Burleson Self.

I. Ravenna, City of Mosaics

Schola Hungarica/Janka Szendrei & Laszlo Dobszay, conductors.
Hungaroton Classics HCD-32014.

  • Gloria laus et honor (Palm Sunday Processional Hymn).
  • Ecce lignum crucis (Antiphon for the Adoration of the Cross, Good Friday).
  • Crucem tuam (Antiphon).
  • Prositnomen tu stauron (Greek antiphon).
  • Adoramus crucem (Antiphon).
  • Otin tu stauron (Greek Antiphon).
  • Popule meus (Reproaches).
  • Oremus ad crucem (Closing Antiphon).
  • CONSTANZO PORTA (?1550--1601): Mulieres sedentes
    ("The women at the tomb lamented the Lord with their tears.").

II. La Bele Marie: Songs to the Virgin from 13th century France

Anonymous 4.
Harmonia Mundi CD HMU 907312.

  • De la mere au sauveor ("About the mother of the Saviour, I would like to compose a song").
  • Ave salus hominum ("Hail, humanity's salvation").
  • Mainte chancon ai fait ("I have composed many songs of great faith").
  • Je te pri de cuer par amors ("I pray you with love from my heart").

III. Terra Adriatica: Italian and Croatian Medieval Sacred Music

Dialogos/Katarina Livljanic, conductor.
L'empreinte digitale CD ED 13107.

The following works are Glagolitic chant from Poljica, province of Split, Croatia:

  • Litanije Laurentanske (Litanies).
  • Plac Jeremije proroka (Lamentations of Jeremiah).
  • Puce moj (Popule meus).
  • Pokoj vjecni (Requiem aeternam).

Composer Info

CONSTANZO PORTA (?1550--1601),

CD Info

HCD-32014, CD HMU 907312, CD ED 13107.

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