A Norwegian Christmas

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Program: #08-52   Air Date: Dec 15, 2008

Besides the Trondheim Cathedral Choir which has provided Norwegian families with many Christmas recordings, we hear from both the "Silver Boys" Choir in Oslo and a beautiful recording recreating early Norwegian folk Christmases, with Hardanger fiddle and 'round the fireside singing.

These programs are made possible in part by support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

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I. Frelsesarmeens Juleplate (Nidaros Choir of Trondheim, with the Trondheim Symphony and trumpet soloist Ole Edvard Antonsen, all conducted by Bjorn Moe).

Norwave CD NW 422;
for more information on the recording:


And for the choir:


--Anon.: Adeste fideles

--KNUDSEN: Jeg er sa glad ("I am so glad each Christmas Eve")

--MICHAEL PRAETORIUS: Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen

--Anon., from 18th century Breslau; lyrics by B.S Ingemann: Deilig er Jorden

--Anon. folk song: Et lidet barn sa lystelig ("The little child, so happy")

--HANS-ADOLPH BRORSON (1694-1764): Her kommer dine arme sma ("Now comes the humble little child")

II. Julemesse: Missa in Nativitate Domini (with Solvguttene--Norwegian Broadcasting's Boy's Choir, "Silverboys").


2L CD 2L42. For more information:


--Anon. (Gregorian chant): Hodie Christus natus est ("Today Christ was born")

--PRAETORIUS/MELCHIOR VULPIUS: Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen

--SAMUEL SCHEIDT: Puer natus in Bethlehem ("A child is born in Bethlehem")

--Anon., c.1520: Freu'dich Erd und Sternenzeit ("Rejoice on earth and beneath the stars")

--PRAETORIUS: En natus est Emmanuel ("Emmanuel is born to us")

--PALESTRINA: Missa Hodie Christus natus est: Sanctus & Benedictus


III. Majorstuen: Juledroem (Majorstuen is a folk ensemble of fiddles, singers, and other instruments).


The disc is on
the Majorstuen Fiddler's Company label, and is numbered MFC 02, For more information:


----HANS-ADOLPH BRORSON: Mitt hjerte alltid vanker (My heart always wanders")

--BRORSON: I denne sote juletid ("At this joyful Christmastime")

--BRORSON: Den fagraste rosa ("Most beautifiul rose")

--trad.: Eit barn er foedt i Betlehem ("A child is born in Bethlehem")

--trad,. from Sunndaklen: Rakkelvise

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Norwave CD NW 422, 2L CD 2L42, MFC 02,

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