All Magdalena: Medieval Songs for Mary Magdalen

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Program: #04-03   Air Date: Jan 12, 2004

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recording Magdalena: Medieval Songs for Mary Magdalen featuring the ensemble Joglaresa with Belinda Sykes.

It is on the Avie label and is CD AV0026.

All works are anonymous unless otherwise noted.

  • Magdalena degna da laudere (14th c. Italian lauda).
  • LORENZO GIUSTINIANI (1381-1456): O Madalena che portasti.
  • CHRISTIAN of LILIENFELD (14th c.): Ave, clari generis dulcis Magdalena.
  • Chanter voel par grant amour (Anon. trouvere).
  • WIPO of BURGUNDY (11th c.): Victime paschali laudes.
  • Ortorum virentium/Virga Yesse/Victime paschali laudes.
  • Benedicamus Domino/Victime paschali laudes.
  • Novum festum celebremus.
  • Istampita Parlamento (14th c. Italian).
  • Co la madre del beato (14th c. Italian laud).
  • Hodie mater gaudeat ecclesia.
  • Salve, pia Magdalena.
  • O Maria Magdalena.
  • Benedicamus Domino Magdalena.
  • Magdelanum laude plenam.
  • Ave, beata femina.
  • Psallat immensas chorus.
  • O Maria, prius via.
  • Peccatrice nominata (14th c. Italian lauda).
  • CONON de BETHUNE (d.1219): Estampie: Chancon legiere.
  • O Madalena ch'andasti al sepolcro (14th c. Italian lauda).
  • PHILIPPE de GREVE (13th c.): O Maria, noli flere.

Composer Info

LORENZO GIUSTINIANI (1381-1456), PHILIPPE de GREVE (13th c.), CONON de BETHUNE (d.1219), WIPO of BURGUNDY (11th c.), CHRISTIAN of LILIENFELD (14th c.),

CD Info

CD AV0026

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