Antoine Busnois: Missa O Crux lignum

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Program: #05-04   Air Date: Jan 17, 2005

We continue or celebration of the wealth of music from the Lowlands with a new recording from the masterful Orlando Consort. This recording is on the Harmonia Mundi label, and is CD HMU 90733.

All of the music on this program is by Antoine Busnois (c. 1430-1492). Born in near Tours, he had a career with Charles the Bold of Burgundy (until Charles' untimely end); Busnois, like so many others, wound up in Bruges.

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--Motet: Gaude caelestis Domina ("Rejoice, heavenly lady").
--Chanson: A une damme j'y fait veu ("I have vowed to a lady").
--Chanson: Amours nous traitte honnestement/Je m'en voy
("Love treats us honorably"/"I am going to the greenwood").
--Chanson-motet: Rejois-toy, terre de France/Rex Pacificus
("Rejoice, O land of France!"/"The peacemaking king has been extolled").
--Hymn: Conditor alme siderum ("Kindly Creator of the stars").

--Missa O Crux lignum.

--Chanson: Ja que li ne s'i attende ("Now let him not rely on it").
--Chanson: Vostre beaute/Vous marchez du bout du pied
("For your very charming beauty"/"You are walking on tiptoe").
--Chanson: Est-il merchy de quoy on pueut finer?
("Is there mercy whereby to make an end?").
--Motet: Incomprehensibilia/Prater rerum ordinem.
("Incomprehensible are three things"/"Against the order of nature").

Composer Info

Antoine Busnois (c. 1430-1492)

CD Info

CD HMU 90733

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