Requiescat in pace

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Program: #01-38   Air Date: Sep 17, 2001

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Masses by Pierre de la Rue, Morales, and the Gregorian service in memory of those who fell September 11, 2001.

Note: As some of you may know, the production of Millennium of Music
is at WETA, barely a mile from the Pentagon. For us at the program, the
only appropriate tribute is with the music used for centuries as solace, tribute,
and rememberance. Our thoughts and hearts go out to those who have
been touched by these events.

PIERRE de la RUE (c.1460-1518): Missa pro Defunctis (Requiem).
(Ensemble Clement Janequin/Dominique Visse, dir.).
Harmonia Mundi CD HMC 901296.

CRISTOBAL de MORALES (c. 1500-1555): Missa pro Defunctis (Requiem).
(Musica Ficta/Raul Mallavibarrena, dir.).
Enchiriadis CD EN 2002 (distributed by Qualiton).

Anon.: Gregorian Requiem. (Gloriae Dei Cantores/Richard J. Pugsley, dir.).
Gloria Dei Cantores CD GDCD 021 (distributed by Allegro).

Composer Info

PIERRE de la RUE (c.1460-1518), CRISTOBAL de MORALES (c. 1500-1555)

CD Info

CD HMC 901296, CD EN 2002, CD GDCD 021

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