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Program: #01-34, Air Date: 08/20/01

After months of collecting, we'll finally get a chance to sample some of the best new releases in the field.

1). ALEXANDER AGRICOLA (c. 1446-1506): Missa Malheur me bat;
Missa In minen sin. (A:N:S Chorus/Janos Bali, cond.).
Hungaroton CD HCD-32011. *

2). PALESTRINA: Le Vergini--Madrigali spirituali (1581): Le Vergini;
Missa "Ave Regina caelorum." (ensemble officium/Wilfried
Rombach, cond.). Christophorus CD CHR 77236.*

3). John Tuder (15th cen.): Lamentationes Jeremiae. (Diphona Ensemble).
Marc Aurel Edition CD MA 20001.*

4). Giovanni Nasco (c.1500-1561): Lamentationes Hieremiae Prophetae.
(Ensemble vocale Speculum musicae/Marina Malavasi, dir.).
Bongiovanni CD GB 5610.*

5). The Second Circle:Love Songs of FRANCESCO LANDINI. (Anonymous 4).
Harmonia Mundi CD HMU-907269.

6). Melodie na Psalterz Polski: Mikolaj Gomolka, Jan Kochanowski 1580.
(Ars Nova and Il Canto Ensembles). Dux CD 0244.*

*for information on these releases you may e-mail:
or check the web site:
These recordings are part of the Gioia Antiqua collaboration.

Composer Info

ALEXANDER AGRICOLA (c. 1446-1506), PALESTRINA , John Tuder (15th cen.), Giovanni Nasco (c.1500-1561), Mikolaj Gomolka, Jan Kochanowski 1580

CD Info

CD HCD-32011, CD CHR 77236, CD MA 20001, CD GB 5610, CD HMU-907269, Dux CD 0244