Best Early Music Albums of 1987

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Program: #88-01   Air Date: Jan 03, 1988


NOTE: All of the music on this program was chosen by Fr. Jerome Weber, early music critic for Fanfare magazine.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant in honor of Richard Bayer.

  1. Chant Requiem — Solesmes (accord 149172)
  2. Chant Mass Propers — St. Ottilien (Calig CAL 50858)
  3. "De Profundis" — Ensemble Venance Portunat (Solstice SOCD 48)
  4. Bernart de Ventadorn — Martin Best (Hyperion CDA 66211)
  5. Codex Chantilly — Ensemble Organum (Harmonia Mundi HMC 901252)
  6. Dufay: Missa L’ homme Arme and motets — Hilliard Ensemble (Angel CDC 747 628 2)
  7. Josquin des Prez: Two Masses — Tallis Scholars (Gimell CD GIM 009)
  8. Sistine Chapel — Parrott (Angel CDC 747-699 2)
  9. Purcell: Ode on St. Cecilia's Day — Parrott (Angel CDC 747 490 2)
  10. Handel: Ode for St. Cecilia's Day — Pinnock (Archiv 419 220)

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