Bruges 2002, Part 6

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Program: #02-19   Air Date: May 13, 2002


Again from the multi-disc set "The Golden Age of European Polyphony" from the Belgian label Cypres, we sample from the extraordinary career of the genius from Mons, Roland de Lassus.

NOTE: This program and others this spring celebrate the beautiful city of Bruges as the European Cultural Capital 2002.

For more information on Bruges 2002 you may visit their website at:, and for more information on visiting Belgium, you may contact the Belgian Tourist Office at:

All of the music on this program comes from the 12-CD boxed set (11 CDs of music and a CD-ROM examining European polyphony) titled The Golden Age of European Polyphony featuring the Laudantes Consort conducted by Guy Janssens.

ROLAND de LASSUS [Orlando di Lasso] (1532-1594):

 from Prophetiae Sibyllarum:

  • Carmina chromatico
  • Sibylla Persica
  • Sibylla Libyca

Secular Songs:

  • Bonjour, et puis quelles nouvelles?
  • Paisible Domaine
  • Im Mayen
  • Chi chilichi?
  • Matona, mia cara
  • La nuit froide et sombre
  • Mon coeur se recommande a vous

 from Psalmi Davidis Poenitentialis:

  • De profundis clamavi

from Missa "Bell'Amfitrit'altera":

  • Agnus Dei

 from Lamentationes Hieremiae:

  • Lamentatio prima, secundi dei

Motet: Musica, Dei donum optimi

from Lagrime di San Pietro:

  • Com falda di neve

from Requiem:

  • Introitus

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Composer Info

ROLAND de LASSUS [Orlando di Lasso] (1532-1594).

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