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Program: #00-20   Air Date: May 15, 2000


NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recording CAROLUS MAXIMUS: Music in the Life of Charles V. It is on the Glissando label, and is CD number 779.008. The performances are by the ensemble Pomerium directed by Alexander Blachly, with Dolores Costoyas, vihuela.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant from Wendall Wilson.

You may order this or our own Millenium of Music recordings at; go to music: classical, and type in "Millennium of Music."

Broadcast of this program is made possible in part by the Flemish Community at the Belgian Embassy in Washington and the Tourist Office in New York. For information on travel to Flanders for the Charles V 500th anniversary celebrations, you may reach the Tourist Office at; for more on the festivities, the official Charles V web site is

  1. NICOLAS GOMBERT: Missa "Sur tous regretz": Kyrie.
  2. JOSQUIN DESPREZ: Mille regretz.
  3. LUYS de NARVAEZ: Mille regres: La cancion del Emperador del quarto tono de Jusquin.
  4. CRISTOBAL de MORALES: Missa "L'homme arme": Credo.
  5. MORALES: Jubilate Deo.
  6. THOMAS CRECQUILLON: Quis te victorem.
  7. CRECQUILLON: Carole, magnus erat.
  8. GOMBERT: Mille regres a 6.
  9. MORALES: Missa "Mille regretz": Sanctus.
  10. MORALES: Miss Pro defunctis: Agnus Dei.
  11. MORALES: Circumdederunt me.

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CD 779.008

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